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Meet Jed Top End, son of RB Eagle 226th out of Byland Eagle F58,                        and Newport Robin Rose 07 out of DJS Score 106 ET.

​At age 10 he is in superior condition and still on pasture breeding the herd.
Although a big guy, we've thankfully had no calving problems and small birth weights.
Jed as a calf and now in the field.

Below, DJS Score 106 ET, a fine bull from Dean Steck. We bought Score young and he remained breeding for us until he died from old age. A fine gentleman, as are/were all our herd sires.
Above is one of our Newport Smokey Blue bulls. We raised and sold six Smokey Blues and use one on our herd. Also sold beautiful White Blue Roan bulls and several Blue Roan Blacks. Currently we are using Newport Smokey Silver on a couple heifers and may be selling him soon. He's to the right ...
Above, an elderly but strong bull, Score.
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